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A Tree Reforestation and Endangered Animal Habitat Restoration Project in Hawaii and Wyoming

About Us

Reforestation Project

Hua'a Pua'a Preservation will work to restore 2 different species of Hawiian trees, 3 different species of plants and flowers that are extinct on the island of Oahu and are almost extinct from the Hawaiian islands.

HP will also restore a tree line on over logged, oil drilled land in the high dessert of Wyoming. We will plant the only trees for 30 miles around and create habitat for 15 of Wyoming's endangered species.

Tree Environmental Benefits

HP will purchase the land that was used to harvest Dole pineapples.  We will replanting trees that will absorb left over pesticides, improve air quality return percepitation to this area while creating a new habitat in the migration path of Hawaii's endagered birds. 

Nature Education/School Partnerships

HP will be building a bird santuary to house and protect the endangered birds until they are ready to be released into the wild.  School age children, (Elementray, High School and College) will be able to have a field classroom experience with the birds. 

Return on your donation

HP will be also play it role on a global scale through Carbon Farming.  Big poluting corporation will fund our project to plant more trees to help clean the air.

Local State Benefits

A different type of tourist will come from all around the world to see the rare birds trees and plants on the Preservation, generating a new source of revenue for Hawaii.

In addition, the Preservation will help Hawaii keep its place on the map as a tropical rainforest.

Fundraising Video

Support Hua'a Pua'a Preservation's mission by making a contribution:

GoFundMe: https://goo.gl/HEDxh8 

Indiegogo: https://goo.gl/4GFefR

Hua'a Pu'a Preservation Red Carpet Fashion Show Fundraiser

General & VIP Tickets are Available for Purchase

You are invited to the Red Carpet Show Fundraiser to benefit Hua'a Preservation!

Hua'a Pua'a Preservation is a non-profit Tree Reforestation and Endangered Animal Habitat Restoration Project in Hawaii and Wyoming.Experience the fashions of nature by Jasmine Baker - International Pageant Consultant, enjoy dinner, and live performances by AguaDulce Salsa Band!Additional pupus will be prepared and served by the Leilehua High School Culinary class.

Doors Open: 6pm

Dress Code: Formal Attire (Any colors welcome)

(Open-seating, Dinner, One-Drink)

VIP: $125.00
(Complimentary Bottle of Wine Per Table)

#1 - Blackened Salmon, Asparagus, Corn
#2 - Plum Sauce Braised Chicken on a bed of orange sweet potatoes, Fresh long string beans
#3 - Seasoned Steak, Red Potatoes, Yellow and Green Squash

If you are unable to attend and would like to support Hua‘a Pua‘a Preservation‘s cause please email hpprez06@gmail.com or call (808) 386-4323 to make a donation or sign up to be a volunteer.

Donations are also accepted via:
GoFundMe: https://goo.gl/HEDxh8
Indiegogo: https://goo.gl/4GFefR

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Board Members


Lisa Egerson is the founder of Hua'a Pua'a Preservation established in 2006.  Previously, she was the President of a Land Development company. For 5 year, Lisa worked in the Hawaii construction industry deisigning kitchens and baths of several large sub divisions.  Lisa has been an executive in the Hawaii State and Federal government for more then 15 years.  As a Federal preschool teacher and a State certified Nutritionist, she taught people the importance of respecting the land because our food source comes from nature.  Furthermore, she served as the Advertising Director of the large Non-Profit, Mardi Gras Follies, a dance company that raised money for local charities  for 12 years.  On the weekends, she guided and maintained a Hawaii tropical rainforest, class 3 hike for 5 years. Lisa has made Hawaii home for 23 years.

Email: hpprez06@gmail.com 

Phone: 808-386-4323 

Assistant Director

Elliott Ross joined Hua'a Pua'a Preservation as the Chief Operation Officer in 2006.  In early 2010, the board voted for him to become the Assistant Director.  He has served in this capacity continuously since.  Mr. Ross has been employed with the federal government for over 33 years as both an active duty service member and as a Department of Defense civilian.  He has extensive management and technical expertise in both field and fixed facilities conducting antiterroism and emergency management operations.  Elliott holds a Master of Science in Criminial Justice Administration and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Public Policy.  He regularly performs community service in support of mutiple non-profits in Hawaii and elsewhere around the United States.  He is involved in activities and operations of the American Legion, Shriners and other civic organizations. His service and leadership to Hua'a Pua'a is an example of his sincere dedication to duty and charity.  During his free time, Mr. Ross enjoys hiking, fishing, nature photobigraphy and exploring state and national parks. 

Email: elwijaharo@gmai.com

Phone: 808-391-5950


Lisa Aki Martin is one of the co-founders of the company.  She has been an administrator for more than 20 years.  As a Federal employee, she is a very comfortable with details, organizing and tracking large volumes of information.  She has also worked in the Federal travel industry for more then 10 years.  Lisa is our in house subject expert on respecting and perserving the Hawaiian culture.  As a Hawaiian, Lisa is truly about preserving the 'Aina(land) as well as restoring endangered species to the Hawaiian islands. Lisa has lived in the Hawaiian island all of her life.

Email: lisalelani003@gmail.com



Lisa Butler is an experienced banker.  She has worked in the accounting field of serveral large banks for more that 25 years.  She is skilled in maintaining large amounts of funds.  Currently, she occupies an executive position with the Federal government.  Lisa has accomplished a Bacholor's Degree in Sociology, Master's Degree in Management..  She has volunteered for a number of Non-Profit organizations in the community to prepare for her role in this organization.  Lisa says she enjoys the simplicity of animals and has lived in Hawaii for 11 years.

Email: lelebu67@gmail.com

 Phone: 808-393-8481

Chief of Operations

Glenda Bailey-Andrews has over 10 years of experience working in the medical field.  Currently, she is an administrator for the US reserves. Glenda has a Business Administration degree and is pursuing a Human Resource Management degree as well.  She has years of experience coordinating, promoting, decorating, and successfully lunching various types of large events. Glenda lived in Hawaii for 6 years and has a passion for the beautiful Hawaiian Island's endangered animals.  Faithfully, she donates her time and support to charities protecting animals facing neglect or abuse. 

Email: glendaandrews77@gmail.com

Phone: 757-478-7966

Help Our Cause

Please help us accomplish our 2017 goal of $100,000.00 Your generous donation will fund our mission.  No amount is too small!! Thanks for your support.

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Maika'i Pet Sitting & Grooming

Maika'i will offer a discount to our supporter on pet services .  Please click on the link to their page.

Wine and Design

Wine and Design will provide painting classes for us once a quarter and the proceeds will be donated to HP Preservation. 

Please click on a hyperlink to register for a class.

Saturday, October 21,  2017 @ 3:00 pm 

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Maelro Productions

Maelro will be sponsoring our artist performing for our fundraisers.

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We are hosting our 3rd Annual Red Carpet Fundraiser, October 7, 2017.  Please contact us for tickets!

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